Monday, 28 March 2011

Thank-you WildPlaces!

WildPlaces I thank-you. Not only am I now a complete technical genius and words such as Sniper IR and Prowler HD roll off the tongue, I have learnt so much about the wildlife that this part of the world has to offfer. I have discovered the joys of badger courting rituals, underground fox cub feeding and strange visitors to dens at night and I've seen more hedgehogs than I could shake a stick at!

I like to think that I now know a lot more about wildlife and conservation in general (thank-you to all my teachers at NWT!) and I have a definite affinity with otter poo (not too bad) and badger poo (yucky yucky stuff!). Plus I've seen my first wax wings, badgers, great crested newts and even a water shrew while I have been here. Not bad for a girl who had only read about the animals in Farthing Wood while watching elephants out the back window (no, dont even think it, I did not have elephants and lions running round my garden).

Seriously though, its been great working on WildPlaces and setting children straight that an otter is not a meerkat, beaver or even a duck-billed platypus! I guess theres hope for us all yet. So I hope you have all enjoyed reading my WildPlaces adventures and watching my videos of the great North Eastern wildlife that I have filmed. I have enjoyed capturing all the weird and wonderful creatures of the North East (not least of all the Ouseburn Otter) and being able to vent my frustrations and, at times, my self-satisfaction, on this blog. Keep on filming!

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